XMOS и 6631A USB конверторы

XMOS USB конвертор 7 пин

xmos usb

xmos usb обратная сторона платы
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CM6631A USB конвертер

cm6631a usb

cm6631a usb конвертер

Новая версия CM6631А отличается от прежней CM6631 поддержкой 176.4KHz.
Здесь можно посмотреть подробнее про С-media CM6631

Cmedia CM6631A is a USB2.0 true high-speed audio processor that can support the latest USB Audio Class 2.0 and high-definition audio processing capability up to 192KHz/32bit. CM6631A provides the industrial standard I2S and HDA audio interface and also integrates 192KHz/24bit S/PDIF transmitter/receiver and MIDI I/O device. It’s suitable for versatile, high-profile, typical 2-channel I/O audio applications.

Furthermore, CM6631A has an embedded 8051 microprocessor that can enhance the best flexibility and functionality with external upgradeable F/W codes. CM6631A would be the most high-fidelity and powerful audio core for high-value USB Audio Class 2.0 products.

Actual USB 2.0 Controller for PC and Consumer
High Definition Audio Playback and Recording (192KHz / 32bit)
Asynchronous synchronization transfer to reduce clock jitter
Electrical Noise Immunity via USB Digital Link
Flexible Interface to Extent Application Field
I2S audio interface for external high quality codec
Flexible Descriptor Option by Firmware
Support PLL and feedback endpoints modes

USB Compliance

USB Spec. Rev.2.0 high-speed/full-speed mode compatible
Latest USB Audio Device Class Definition Release v.2.0/1.0 compatible
USB Human Interface Device (HID) Class Definition Release 1.1 compliant
Supports USB suspend/resume/reset functions
Supports control, interrupt, bulk, and isochronous data transfers

Audio Engine

Max. 3 Independent Playback Streams:
-Default Sample Rates: 44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176.4K/192KHz (192K/176.4KHz are available only in USB Audio Class 2.0/High-speed mode)
-Supported Bit Length: 16/24/32 bit
-PDMA#A and C engines support 2-channel data to I2S/HDA output
-PDMA#B supports S/PDIF output
Max. 3 Independent Capture Streams:
-Default Sample Rates: 44.1K/48K/96K/192KHz (192K/176.4KHz are available only in USB Audio Class 2.0/High-speed mode)
-Supported Bit Length: 16/24/32 bit
-RDMA#A and B support 2-channel data from I2S/HDA input
-RDMA#C supports S/PDIF input (192KHz is supported only with Crystal and PLL clock source)
Digital mixing/routing engine to mix input streams to output streams

Audio I/O

2 pairs I2S or Left-Justified serial audio output interface
2 pairs I2S or Left-Justified serial audio input interface
Built-in 192K/176.4K/96K/88.2K/48K/44.1KHz and 16/24-bit S/PDIF transmitter
Integrated 192K/176.4K/96K/88.2K/48K/44.1K and 16/24-bit S/PDIF receiver
Supports S/PDIF IN-to-OUT loop-back path for signal transforming between TOSLINK and RCA connections

Integrated 8051 Micro-processor

Embedded 8051 micro-processor to handle the comment/protocol transactions
Connects to an external parallel Flash/EEPROM memory (Max. 64KB, 55ns access time is required) for firmware codes
HID interrupts can be implemented via firmware codes
Provides maximum HW configuration flexibility with firmware code upgrade
VID/PID/Product String can be customized via firmware code programming

Control Interface

Master I2C control interface for external audio devices or EEPROM access
Slave I2C control interface and interrupt pin for external MCU/device communication
9 GPIO pins and 6 GPI pins
External device power-down control and reset pins


Embedded USB2.0 transceiver (up to 480MB bandwidth)
Auto detection for high-speed/full-speed
GPIO pin for USB Audio Class 2.0 and 1.0 application mode configuration
Provides Self-power or Bus-power mode selection pin
Only single 12MHz crystal input is required (embedded PLL function) or optional oscillator inputs for 49.152 or 24.576MHz (for x48KHz) and 45.158 or 22.5792MHz (for x44.1KHz)
Single 3.3V power supply (embedded 3.3V to 2.5V regulator for digital core)
3.3V digital I/O pads with 5V tolerance
Industrial standard LQFP-100 package (16x16mm)

Software Options

Supports USB Audio Class 2.0 and high-speed mode with Cmedia vendor drivers
USB Audio class 1.0 with full-speed/high-speed modes compatible with Windows® UAA driver, Mac OS X and Linux embedded USB audio drivers
For Windows, Cmedia drivers provide the following Key Features:

-Playback feedback endpoints to control the data transmission accuracy and to maximize the audio quality
-Xear™ Pro
-Supports ASIO2.2 driver

CM6631A даташит

[pdfjs-viewer url=http://audiogo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/CM6631A_Datasheet_v1.0.pdf viewer_width=100% viewer_height=700px fullscreen=true download=true print=true openfile=false]

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