L.K.S. Audio MH DA001

L.K.S. Audio MH DA001

L.K.S. Audio MH DA001

L.K.S. Audio MH DA001
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1 .the two-channel DAC ES9018 design industry’s highest indicators.

2. Built -in DAC board independent single-chip ,software control ES9018 work in MONO mode, that is soon said a two-channel two.

3.Three control buttons, a mute button, an input signal selection buttons, an internal FIR filter mode selection key.

4. Source input ports, 2 fiber ports, a coaxial port, an AES / EBU port, an IIS mouth, through the key switch.

5.Vacuum fluorescent tube VFD display. Indicates the current signal source, and lock status, real-time display of the current signal sampling rate;

6.Power supply with the bicyclic cattle design, control part of power supply and DAC part. The first ring of cattle voltage: 15VAC ~ 0 15VAC ~ 0 9VAC ~ 0 9VAC ~ 0; second ring bovine voltage 9VAC ~ 0 9VAC ~ 0

7.digital circuitry with two voltage source, to get a better power supply ripple rejection rate, ES9018 per piece for each set of voltage are independent regulator power supply, voltage regulator chip LM1086 series.

8 .analog part with four pairs of op amp the OPA1612 (TI / BB high-precision audio op amp), is Ling Seiko gold-plated op amp seat.

9 .analog circuit power supply the full discrete shunt regulator circuit (power circuit structure: 150mA constant current circuit current mirror + Wallman bootstrap differential amplifier circuit Billiton frequency +), greatly improved power control comparable to battery-powered effects!

9.ES9018 clock TCXO TCXO.

10.double-sided gold-plated thick copper PCB, signal, power traces careful handling.

11.audio output using high-quality brazed plate terminals, digital coaxial, single-ended outputs with gold-plated high-quality terminals. Neutrik balanced input and output terminals.

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L.K.S. Audio MH DA001

L.K.S. Audio MH DA001

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