DSIX SPDIF Digital Signal Isolation Exciter




1. Clock generator : 1ppm 33.8688 MHz TCXO with PLL phase locking circuit.
2. LM1084 based voltage regulator and EMI filter to offer clean and profuse power .
3. Carefully chosen high quality parts used in this module.
4. This module should feed 8~12vdc 1.5A power input, So drive it by battery will not be ok. This module need high trancient current to drive tcxo.
5. This is finished and tested module, not diy kit.
6. Dimension of this module is : 70 x 50 mm (L x W)

Note: Your CDP, transport or DAC do not need to use common clock with this module. So you do not need to concern if your CDP, transport or DAC do not use 33.8688Mhz clock. In that case, just leave the clock out on this module alone. Clock out is optional. 1ppm tcxo built on this module was not purpose to offer clock out but for get low jitter performance.

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