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Improve CD Sound — My 5 stage CD treatment process — An introduction to the Series

Hello VC, this is an introduction for my upcoming series of videos «Improve CD Sound». In this video I show the 5 stage treatment process that I put all my CD’s through before listening to them. All 5 stages have been individually Blind tested and ABX texted successfully! The «Improve CD Sound» series of videos will show various things that will improve the sound quality and enjoyment you get from listening to CD’s. The first part of the series will cover basic and cheap things that improve CD sound (like the cleaning and anti-static shown here). The second part will cover odd and audiophile CD treatments (like the optical and magnetic treatments shown here). Some of the videos will target the CD’s themselves. Others will target the CD Player and others the Hi-Fi Accessories and set up. Getting «Nice sound» from digital is harder than getting «Nice sound» from analogue, but I will show you how to achieve this in your Hi-Fi set up. All 5 stages have been ABX texted successfully! Test process: A pre treatment CD was played in a Hi-Fi CD Player. The analogue sound was recorded on a Hi-Fi CD Recorder. The resulting CDR was ripped to flac on my PC. The same CD was then treated with one process and the same sound recorded again. The two files were then time and level matched, chopped into a small segment. Then they were played in foobar2000 using the ABX plugin. The test was run! Four tests in total: Cleaning wipes and Ultrasonic cleaner, were counted as one. The Optical and Anti-Static treatments were tested with 100% success! The Cleaning and Demagnetising were tested positively! The 5 stages have now been Blind tested (05/07/2015). The test was done using 2 identical CD Players with identical setup and accessories. Plugged into a headphone amp with two switchable inputs. Two identical CD’s were used, one treated, one not. I sat in a different room with the headphones on, while someone else switched between the two CD Players. The test was run! Four tests in total: Cleaning wipes and Ultrasonic cleaner, were counted as one. All four blind listening test were 100% successful! *100% SUCCESSFUL BLIND TEST!*